More Summer Cookbooks – Eat Local

Today’s book continues the joys of local food, a movement that is gaining ground in the U.S. every day.

Finally, FDA Does Its Job.

Finally, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agrees that at least one common practice at thes factory farms is a threat to our health.

Unhealthiest Restaurant In America

What American chain restaurant is the most unhealthy in terms of the nutrition and quality of its food?

Are Farmers Markets Hurting Small Communities?

Farmers may be neglecting their own communities to sell at higher prices to city folk who want to get in on the local food movement.

Corn Syrup Sales Slipping

Processed food is made better tasting by adding high fructose corn syrup even when it’s something that you don’t expect to be sweet.

Craving Goes Boom?

In these post-9-11 days, jokes can go seriously wrong so easily.

How A TV Show Gets A Guy Cooking

One hit reality show I’ve enjoyed watching, though, is “Top Chef.” And I’m not alone. On our News Page today we have story about one man’s cooking inspiration: the cheftestants of Top Chef.

Welcome Foodie Blogroll!

Foodie Blogroll is a listing of food related blogs from around the Internet. The Bachelor’s Kitchen has just become a member.

Market Ready: Cookbooks For Summer

You can’t turn around in the cookbook section without being photographically bombarded by wheelbarrows and market carts of zaftig, color-saturated summer produce.

You Can Eat Well On Food Stamps

Ed Murrieta worked in virtually all aspects of the food industry, from line cook to restaurant reviewer. Now unemployed, he’s cobbling together meals with help from local churches and food banks. Like 39 million Americans in similar straits, he’s stretching his food stamps as far as he can.