You Can Eat Well On Food Stamps

You may have missed this recent edition of the NPR program Talk of the Nation talking about food stamps and how to eat well with just a little education.

The primary guest in this segment of Talk of the Nation was Ed Murrieta. He worked in virtually all aspects of the food industry, from line cook to restaurant reviewer.

Now unemployed, he’s cobbling together meals with help from local churches and food banks. Like 39 million Americans in similar straits, he’s stretching his food stamps as far as he can.

Murrieta uses his extensive culinary training to cook imaginatively on such a tight budget. For instance, with a can of “pork with juices,” he made tacos.

“In Mexico, and particularly Mexico City, they make tacos out of everything imaginable,” Murrieta tells NPR’s Neal Conan. “Pork with juices is one of those things that you don’t really want to have to image,” but he fried it with spicy green peppers and potatoes, for a delicious meal on the cheap.

Read the full transcript of this program on today’s News Page.


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