How A TV Show Gets A Guy Cooking

I’m not a big fan of reality shows. That’s not what I tune in to TV for. I’m not a Peeping Tom and that’s a lot of what reality shows offer — voyeurism. And there are few game shows I like because it’s either too silly or too idiotic. (Are you listening, “Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?“) I don’t want to know how stupid people are, I want to know how SMART they are. Yes, that means I’m a “Jeopardy” fan.

One hit reality show I’ve enjoyed watching, though, is “Top Chef.” And I’m not alone. On our News Page today we have  story about one man’s cooking inspiration: the cheftestants of Top Chef.

“On ‘Top Chef,’ you get to watch frantic knife work, precise plating and maybe a little bickering around the walk-in, but you’ve got to rely on Judge Tom Colicchio and friends to tell you how the food on those elegant plates tasted.”

Allen St. John takes us through what he loves about the show and handicaps the upcoming season. Take a look at our News Page for more.

So, what cooking shows do you like? Click on the comments link below or on the Contact Us page and let us know. I’ll post the best comments.

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