Craving Goes Boom?

Have you ever had one of those food cravings for something you grew up with? A Craving you just couldn’t find anyone to fill where you are now? Maybe you remember that episode of M*A*S*H featuring a box of ribs from Chicago being sent to their camp in Korea. I’ve had friends ask me to bring a pizza from St. Louis to Dallas. One of our sponsors ships favorite crabcakes around the country.

Well, maybe you should think carefully about how you treat that box of favorite goodies from your home town. In these post-9-11 days, jokes can go seriously wrong so easily. Anyone who’s flown on an airplane lately knows that. But I saw this short story from Clarksville, Tennessee about a box of ribs in a parking lot creating a bomb scare.

A messy box of ribs left in a Clarksville parking lot caused police to call in the bomb squad and a bomb inspecting robot. The Leaf-Chronicle reports police blocked off the city’s Public Square Thursday morning after someone noticed a box with a warning on the side warning that anyone who touched it would lose their hands.

Police spokesman Jim Knoll said the owner of the box was soon located. The woman told police she was from Chicago and had brought the ribs with her when she came to town for a family reunion. She had left the box in the parking lot to dry after she took out the ribs. The warning was a joke.

No charges were filed.

I sure hope those ribs were good. I wonder what rib joint they came from?

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