Food Dangers Will Continue

He warns that as long as the largely unregulated mega factory farms are allowed to continue to dominate the food supply, we will see more food recalls and scares like the current egg crisis.

Is 2% Risk Worth Sunny-Side Up?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, modern farming methods are killing us. Literally.

Loud Bags?

I noticed that they said they were compostable. And I noticed they didn’t sound like other food packages. Perhaps you’ve noticed, too. What you might not have noticed is that this bag and its noise is becoming an issue.

Summer Cookbooks — Into The Orange

Every recipe had something new to add to your vegetable repertoire, and every page looks like a centerfold.

Summer Cookbooks — Grinnin’ and Grillin’

Naturally, cooking on an open fire on a grill just seems to be a required activity in the summer. Especially for men. So, one new cookbook The Bachelor’s Kitchen has looked at, even though we rarely grill, is from a true master of the medium. Planet Barbecue!: 309 Recipes, 60 Countries, by Steven Raichlen, (paperback, […]

Summer Cookbooks — Cocktails In The Shade

As we continue our look at summer cookbooks, we now go out on the veranda for something cold and wet.

Summer Cookbooks — Fruit Solutions

This book takes all that fruit and gives you plenty of ideas of what you can do with them.

More Summer Cookbooks — Putting Things Together

How many times have you found yourself cluelessly eyeing a heap of vegetables 10 minutes before dinner and hoping it tastes good sauteed with garlic?

We Now Return …

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog, sort of. I mentioned earlier that we would be on a reduced schedule for a while. Moving to another home is always traumatic. It’s even more so when there are delays in getting your Internet connected. So, please stand by. I am confident we will have things […]