Food Dangers Will Continue

I haven’t written a lot about this egg recall because there has been so much news about it in other media. But I have been keeping an eye on what investigators have found. And what they’ve found has been of no surprise to me.

It also hasn’t been a surprise to many farmers.

“Many of us have watched with alarm the changes in the poultry industry over the past several decades and warned of its likely consequences.”

That’s from John W. Boyd, Jr., a fourth generation Virginia farmer who’s worked in the poultry business. He warns that as long as the largely unregulated mega factory farms are allowed to continue to dominate the food supply, we will see more food recalls and scares like the current egg crisis.

To get an idea of what we’re talking about, the picture at the right shows a typical chicken farm. Row after row of windowless buildings, each containing hundreds of birds, all in cages over troughs that catch and transport the eggs to where they can be gathered and sent for processing. And, while I don’t want to gross you out, think about how much manure is produced in those buildings. How can anything living in that be healthy?

Boyd’s article on the Huffington Post website is appearing on our News Page. He has special insights into this business.

“I have been a farmer for more than two decades and a poultry farmer for the majority of that time. Since founding the National Black Farmers Association in 1995, I have spoken out many times about how the rise of industrial mega-farms has increased the risk of widespread food problems.”

Recently, federal regulators have found that the salmonella contamination came from the chicken feed. That raises a question: if the eggs were contaminated, the birds must be too, right? That means thousands of animals will have to be destroyed just so a couple of farmers could save a few bucks. I’m all for profitable farming, but this corporate approach is not working. If you care about your food and your family’s food, contact your Congressperson and demand better regulations of the food industry and more money for regulatory agencies. If you don’t speak out, they will continue to listen to the agribusiness lobbyists who give them lots of money for their campaigns.

Make your voice heard. Stand up in The Bachelor’s Kitchen and yell out that you’re mad and you’re not going to take it any more.

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