No Stuffing, Please!

I beg you, don’t stuff your turkey. Do a dressing on the side. It will taste better and be far safer to eat.

Your Blog Dollars At Work

I promised a few weeks ago that we would be making some improvements to The Bachelor’s Kitchen. While this will be an ongoing project, we’ve begun with an update of the About Me And This Blog page.

Pork Chop Night

We had some pork chops in the freezer. We also had lots of russet potatoes. Broccoli and button mushrooms were on sale. Sounds like the makings of a dinner to me.

Skillet Salmon And Vegetables

Salmon is one of America’s favorite fish. It’s easy to cook and it has a meaty flavor that appeals to our meat-heavy tastes. Sadly, the popularity of salmon means it is being overfished in the wild. Many environmentalists believe some species of salmon could even go extinct. Some foodies complain that farm-raised salmon just doesn’t […]

Keep Stocking That Chicken

I know many of you don’t bother to click on the comments link when there is one for some of our posts. So, I want to point them out to you from time to time. Always feel free to contribute to The Bachelor’s Kitchen by comments, Contact Us or email to You may recall […]

Does Your Garden Grow With Danger?

In an interview with NPR’s Eliza Barclay, Indiana University geochemist Gabriel Filippelli says that many of those backyards and vacant lots where people are growing fruits and vegetables are contaminated with lead

Farmers Markets Facing Increasing Fraud

Thanks to the increased popularity of these direct growers-to-consumers selling venues, tricksters and con men are seeing a ripe hunting ground for easy marks.

Homemade Bread: Yum!

I made bread yesterday and once again made some modifications to my recipe. Each time I make it, I learn a little more about baking and using yeast.

Noisy Snacking Getting Nixed

Frito Lay is dropping its biodegradable SunChips bag.

Good News: Lunch Not Free After All

Company officials believe most of those paying less than the suggested price, about 15% to 20%, are people struggling to get by.