How was your Thanksgiving?

What did you cook? DID you cook? Was it a big celebration or a quiet day? What dishes were memorable? What didn’t work very well?

Eggplant: More Cooking Ideas

Faithful reader Z in Chicago has been kind enough to share with us one of her favorite ways to prepare eggplant.

Twitter Me Silly

Retweet me all you like.

Oliver Does America

What he found, as NPR says in it’s summary of his interview on a recent edition of Talk of the Nation, was that there really wasn’t a quintessential American food. He found that our tradition of immigrants has given us a rich cuisine with flavors from around the world.

Of Likes And Fans

You may have noticed just above every post now is a Facebook “Like” button. We encourage you to click on it if you really do like a post

Cooking Vegetables: Eggplant

Also known as an aubergine, melongene or guinea squash, eggplant is in the same family as deadly nightshade. As we continue our series of posts about cooking vegetables, this purple-skinned alien is in our spotlight.

Making A Bad Thing Worse

The new trend in fast food is making it even worse for you.

LA to Oliver: No Thanks!

Revolutionary chef Jamie Oliver is moving his family to Los Angeles, where he plans on doing the next edition of his popular television series “Food Revolution.” However, he won’t be doing it with the cooperation of the Los Angeles Unified School District. According to the Los Angeles Times, the district says they think his efforts […]

Can I Spot A Trend Or What?

Believe it not, the post just below this one was written last week, well before NPR aired an excellent story this morning about the increase in sales of healthier food in our supermarkets. NPR reports that more grocery stores are using the same advanced marketing techniques employed by big food companies to steer customers to […]

Thanksgiving: Make Dressing Not Disease

And you’ve seen me say it again and again: don’t stuff your bird. Tradition is one thing. A trip to the hospital is another. Talk about a buzz-kill.