Time To Put Stuff Away

Due to the overwhelming success of the 10% Off promo our advertiser Get Organized has decided to extend the end date for yet another month!

Take The Kitchen With You

Not to be left out, The Bachelor’s Kitchen is now mobile!

Repent, Paula Dean!

Paula, I beg you. You have plenty of money. Tell these horrible people to go away. They will drag you into the cess pit with them.

Weight Watchers Members Upset At New Points System

The new plan takes into account the kind of calories and nutritional value of food. And, boy, are people upset!

Fois Gras Revisited: Delacacy or Disease

With the holiday season comes a renewal of the controversy over this French liver paté.

Blog Notes

The Bachelor’s Kitchen will be down for about two hours on Sunday morning.

Chicken Little Alive, Well In Food Science

Seeds of Deception by Jeffery Smith attempts to make the case that genetically modified food is putting our environment and our health in danger. But to me, it sounds a little too much like a story designed to scare us all to retreat from modern life in favor of living in caves again.