Happy National Ravioli Day!

Take a pasta pillow to lunch — and eat it! Do you have a favorite kind of ravioli? Tell us in the comments. Here in St. Louis, that’s probably toasted ravioli, a local favorite. Ravioli are breaded and deep fried, served with a dipping cup of marinara sauce and a sprinkling of Parmesan. [smartads]

Sorry, Charlie-san?

The FDA sent inspectors to American Samoa to look at the StarKist canning facility there and came away with serious concerns. The agency says these concerns are serious enough to possibly result in an involuntary recall of all the company’s products.

What do you think about Genetically Modified Foods?

I see GM foods as being not much different from what farmers, agronomists and backyard gardeners have been doing for centuries.

Today’s recalls and concerns

Is plastic lean? You might wonder if you eat a lot of the Lean Cuisine line of frozen entrees and dinners. Nestle Prepared Foods has recalled more than 10,000 pounds of its Spaghetti with Meatballs dinner become some consumer have found pieces of plastic in their dinners. No one has been injured. Click on the […]

Subway Surpasses McDonalds: Good or Bad?

The Subway sandwich shop chain has surpassed McDonalds for the number of stores around the world.

News: More Food Scares And Recalls

A new string of recalls has appeared in the news. Some of them are fairly minor and limited. Others are pretty significant.

News: Good and Bad

It seems like we’re getting so many scares and recalls that it’s going to be hard to keep up with them all. But there is good news in the wind.

Blog Bachelor At Work

We’re always looking for new improvements to make The Bachelor’s Kitchen better for you. And sometimes, things don’t always work the way they should.

Gourmet Spring Goodies

Spring is just around the corner and Cherry Moon Farms has amazing deals on gourmet sweets and snacks that are sure to kick the winter blues for readers of The Bachelor’s Kitchen.

New Food Contamination Reports

Chicken and pork products from a California company which contain broccoli have been found to contain Listeria.