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We’re always looking for new improvements to make The Bachelor’s Kitchen better for you. And sometimes, things don’t always work the way they should. If you’ve clicked on an individual post, you know youu get a few additional ads you don’t otherwise see. You also get a quick and easy way to share the post through all sorts of other social networks and email. Currently, the latest update of the sharing functions are not working correctly. We apologize and expect a new update to fix this to be available soon.

We’re also behind schedule in our post writing. Again, I’m very sorry about that. I’ve been surprised by my writings for The Bachelor’s Kitchen. Coming up with ideas to write about has been surprisingly easy. Getting the time to do the actual writing and research has been surprisingly hard. So, I hope you’ll stay with me as we continue to try to make this blog worth your time and attention.

Thanks to all our regular readers. I really appreciate you and really enjoy your comments and feedback.


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