Get Ready For Spring, Summer

Spring is here and it’s time to get ready for all the increased activities you’ll want to do.

Muffins Can Be Healthy

Believe it or not, eating healthy muffins can help you lose weight.

Food Revolution Starts At Home

The part which did get through seemed centered on helping people at home learn more about nutrition, healthy eating and good cooking. And that’s what we’ve been talking about in The Bachelor’s Kitchen!

LA Schools: Oliver Welcome Without Cameras

They blame the distortions of reality television for their refusal to allow Oliver to film in Los Angeles public schools.

Are You Watching The New Food Revolution?

Chef Jaime Oliver is at it again, this time in Los Angeles. And he’s having even more trouble than he did with a couple of disgruntled lunch ladies in Huntington, Virginia.

Will Calorie Counts Affect Your Choices?

The FDA believes that information should be located as part of what consumers use to make ordering choices.

Food Safety Update: Menacing Melons

In recent food safety news, the latest villain is the humble melon.

Flu, Flue, Flew

I apologize for not having any new posts here this week. I’ve been down with illness and I’m still a bit under the weather. I should be back on top of things soon. So, stay tuned.