Kids Improve School Lunches

Recently, a nationwide contest called Cooking Up Change challenged high school kids to come up with dishes that were easy to prepare, met federal nutrition guidelines and could be made for around $1, yes, one-dollar, per meal.

Banning Trans Fats: Good Idea Or Too Much?

Is this kind of food regulation too much even though the substance has demonstrated negative health effects?

Men: Cooking To Be Happy

John Donohue, of the New Yorker, has a new book which profiles dozens of men at home in the kitchen and loving it.

Brown Bag Your Wine Day … wait.

Today is National Wine Day. So hoist a nice glass of your favorite fermented grape juice and toast the day. It’s also National Brown Bag It Day. Who knew winos were hip! I guess that means you can combine the two, put your wine in a brown bag and not dirty those lovely crystal goblets. […]

Happy National Escargot Day

Yes, that’s right, it’s National Escargot Day. Ah, to have a nice dish of snails cooked in butter sauce and covered in puff pastry. Yum, Yum! So celebrate the day and take a snail to lunch — and eat it.

Caution: Bachelor Tweeting

In case anyone cares, while The Bachelor’s Kitchen blog is not yet on Twitter, the bachelor is. Follow me  @JRHulsey to see what I’m cooking up.

What’s Hot In Food Trends This Year

Marketing and public relations guru Andrew Freeman has declared what’s hot and what’s not in food and restaurant trends for 2011.

Food Safety Update: Cholera Oysters, Listeria Chives

The Food and Drug Administration says oysters from Florida’s Apalachicola Bay should not be eaten, served, shipped, purchased or sold because of cholera.

Even Famous Chefs Can Make Bad Food

Oliver is in trouble with the health authorities back in his native Britain.

Is Bacon Worth Stealing?

I find it hard to believe people would bring into homes and businesses to steal this pork product.