Sprouts’ Bad News Keeps Coming

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that sprouts from Evergreen Produce should not be eaten. Twenty cases of salmonella poisoning have been reportedly connect to that company’s alfalfa sprouts.

Sam’s Cantaloupes Recalled

The company that supplies the melons has issued a recall following testing by the New York Department of Agriculture. The agency says they may be contaminated with salmonella.

Go back to basics?

We’ve had a lot of new readers here at The Bachelor’s Kitchen since we began more than a year ago. Knowing that some of you may have missed those early posts that are at the heart of the blog, I want to ask you something: Would you like to have some of the best posts […]

New, Improved Recipes Page!

As promised, a new Recipes Page is now online. Because of the number of recipes we’ve had and the one’s we keep getting, the page was becoming clumsy. So now, when you go to the Recipes Page, it will give you a listing of all the current recipes on the site, each one linking you […]

More improvements

I recently noticed that the recipes page is getting a bit big. I know most of you don’t want to scroll through a bunch of recipes you don’t care about. So, I’m in the process of rebuilding the page to a directory with links to the individual recipes, each on their own page. I must […]

The latest on Food Safety

There’s been a major outbreak of e. coli bacteria poisoning in Germany. Officials there have yet to find the source of the contamination.

National Donut Day

Alright, all you fatties out there. It’s National Donut Day, so you can take a piece of sugary fried dough out to lunch, not that you really need an excuse. There should be a booming business at Krispy Kreme, where many locations are giving out a treat. Just don’t overdo it, folks.