Sprouts’ Bad News Keeps Coming

It’s kind of ironic that a food strongly associated with the health food movement should now be singled out as a major contributor to food borne illness. Those sprouts are being cited again for making people sick.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that sprouts from Evergreen Produce should not be eaten. Twenty cases of salmonella poisoning have been reportedly connect to that company’s alfalfa sprouts.

The affected alfalfa sprouts come in 4-ounce and 16-ounce plastic bags with pre-printed labels. The product also comes in 1-pound and 5-pound plastic bags that have stick-on labels.

The spicy sprouts come in 4-ounce plastic bags with pre-printed labels and in 1-pound plastic bags with stick-on labels.

The FDA has again advised consumer to not eat raw sprouts, but make sure they are cooked.

In Europe, the sprout-related E. coli outbreak has spread from Germany into France. This is a particularly dangerous form of the bacteria that is difficult to treat. Forty-eight deaths have been reported as a result of this contamination.


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