Ground Turkey Health Alert

We interrupts our regularly scheduled post for a health alert from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The USDA is urging all consumer to carefully follow all handling guidelines for frozen or fresh ground turkey. While no recalls or specific brands have been mentioned, 77 people in 26 states have been affected by Salmonella poisoning from […]

Oh Yes, We Have No Papayas

All papayas recently produced under four different brand names have been recalled due to possible contamination of salmonella.

What do you think?

Here in The Bachelor’s Kitchen, we’re always looking for ways to make this blog better and more interesting to you. Here are some ideas that have been floating around: Coming up with a new look (theme) that might be more appropirate to our topic. Fewer ads. More giveaways. Contests. Concentrating on one or two types […]

Off The Air

A storm knocked out the internet connection in The Bachelor’s Kitchen for a couple days. We apologize for not posting anything during that time. We are seeking to correct that issue as soon as possible. Thanks for hanging with us.

USDA Changing School Lunch Rules

The USDA says not only will this remove the barriers keeping schools from buying locally produced food, but will give an economic boost to local farmers.

What did you eat and/or cook for the Fourth of July?

Tell The Bachelor’s Kitchen what you like to make for this summer holiday. Not into cooking? Tell us what you like to eat for Independence Day.