The Rise of Veganism

Too often the fare for those who don’t eat meat is just a collection of side dishes. I’ve also noticed that too many vegetarians are looking for meat replacements like veggie burgers and fake bacon. This is the wrong approach.

College Food: No More Mystery Meat

College recruiters say the quality of the cafeteria is becoming a more important factor in deciding which school to attend.

Food Safety News Update: Mid-August

I haven’t posted a lot about the food recalls and safety news lately because there’s just so much of it. But there’s been another rash of stories, so we’ll cover them briefly. Sequim Bay in Washington has been closed to shellfish harvesting because of Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning. Three people in the Seattle area have been […]

Collateral Damage In War On Obesity

Should fat people, even kids, be treated differently? Or is there too much danger of driving these people to suicide and emotional pain?