Recipe: Easy Cinnamon Raisin Scones

Scones have enjoyed increasing popularity in the U. S. because of their not-too-sweet character. This Scottish quick bread is particularly popular in the English-speaking world’s afternoon snack, cream tea.

Stormy Weather

There’s been a lot fewer posts lately because we’ve been a bit under the weather. But the ckies appear to be clearing up a bit so we will be back to more postings very soon. Sorry for the gaps.

Food Day Information

It’s time to fix our broken food system.

Recipe: Herbed Grilled Corn

Without the husk, most people would drop the ears in a pot of boiling water. But I found an even easier way that can be used on an outdoor grill, on an indoor grill pan or just in the oven.

Food World Mourns Steve Jobs

Steve had an interesting relationship with food that had little to do with technology.

A Cookbook For Market Lovers

Eating Well magazine has come up with a new cookbook to deal with this problem. It’s called Eating Well In Season: The Farmers’ Market Cookbook.