Honey Update

NPR decided to look into this issue a bit more. They found some reasons to discredit the report. While not actually saying any of the information is false, NPR believes the story may jump to unsubstantiated conclusions.

Interent, schminternet

Our internet connection went down this last week, preventing us from updating the blog and adding new posts. Also, we have been busy away from the kitchen a lot lately. So, I hope you will bear with us for a couple weeks. Meanwhile, we hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday and feast. Now that […]

Kermit Talks Food Safety

Yes, even frogs must be concerned about food safeety these days. So, let’s follow the Swedish Chef as he prepares his turkey for the holiday dinner. UL & Muppet Safe Cooking

A New Collection Of Kitchen Appliances

Just in time for the holiday gift giving season, our friends at Krups, those great coffeemaker people, have come up with something new.

Thanksgiving Plans?

If you’re planning on making a Thanksgiving dinner, whether for yourself, your family or friends, or for a special someone, the first thing you have to do is plan your dinner.

Thanksgiving? Already?

The big day is only two weeks away. If you haven’t already, it’s time to plan your holiday dinner.

When Is Honey Not Honey?

A recent study shows that the honey in your cupboard is probably not legally honey.

It’s That Time Again

Believe it or not, the holiday gift-giving season is coming. You’ll be seeing plenty of special offers from our advertisers. Well, here’s a good one. Dale and Thomas Gourmet Popcorn is gearing up for the season with all kinds of great gift ideas. Please click on the ad in the right column and check them […]

New Link To Cool Blog

Hey there, readers of The Bachelor’s Kitchen!  We are proud to point out a new link in the column on the right. It’s Easy Recipes from Cook.Eat.Delicious!  Raven is the hostess over there and she’s always cooking up something good. So, please take a look and tell ’em The Bachelor’s Kitchen sent you.

National Sandwich Day

It’s National Sandwich Day!  Take a bun to lunch!