Sprouts Continue Sickening Consumers

Two new cases of sickness from e. coli contamination in sprouts at Jimmy John’s restaurants have brought to total to 14 cases in six states.

Catching up

We’ll be having a lot of recipe postings coming up as we try to bring the blog up to date to our time in The Bachelor’s Kitchen.

No More Sprouts

If you’re a fan of Jimmy Johns sandwiches and you like sprouts on your order, you’ll have to cross that item off your list.

Avoid The Snack Trap

Those snacks can destroy all the work we’re doing to eat better and stay healthy.

Gardeners Getting Hotter

This update is the first the USDA has issued in more than a hundred years, showing how much the climate is changing and how quickly.

Meat Consumption Declining

Our meat consumption has dropped by more than 12 percent in the last five years, according to the U. S. Agriculture Department.

Kitchen Basics – Part 3: Knives

You should have either a wooden knife block or a magnetic strip. The blocks usually come with a knife set. The magnetic strips are great if you have the wall space and no small children around.