If you’ve been following The Bachelor’s Kitchen on Facebook, you know we’ve been talking a lot about some of the dishes we’ve been cooking lately. And you might have been asking, “Where are the recipes?” Although I don’t put much stock in recipes, I understand that’s often how we share our culinary creations. So, we’ll be having a lot of recipe postings coming up as we try to bring the blog up to date to our time in The Bachelor’s Kitchen.

You might be wondering what has inspired us to do so much cooking lately. I’m proud to say that it’s relatively new friends who have been excited about my food. And when someone is interested in what you’re doing, you get excited, too. One of these friends is a medical research worker from China. He’s been very interested in exploring some American cooking. We’ve also enjoyed some dishes from other parts of the Western world. Also, he has been teaching us a little Mandarin and some Chinese dishes and foods.

Sometimes change can be more than just good. It can be inspiring.

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