Somedays the Bear Eats You

We just wanted you regular readers of The Bachelor’s Kitchen to know we haven’t forgotten you. We have been unexpectedly busy lately and then bugged. There’s some nasty little varmint running around making people sick. The bodies were piling up fast. But with the beautiful Spring weather, we’ve got the bugs on the run and […]

Slime As Food For Kids?

What are we feeding our kids?

Plan now for Spring Cleaning

From time to time we like to let you know what the advertisers on The Bachelor’s Kitchen are offering that might be of interest. Here’s a nice spring idea. Shop Get Organized has just introduced over 35 new products. Go to¬†¬†today to find new items like the 3 Bottle Chrome Wine Rack, priced at $19.98, […]

Engineered Crops’ Unintended Results

Somehow, nature always seems to get its way not matter what we humans do.