Is ‘Pink Slime’ such a bad thing?

I’m no champion of pink slime. But on the whole, it’s not as bad as many of us first thought.

Where did time go?

There are plenty of recipes waiting to be posted and lots of news to discuss. Let’s just call this little episode a case of Spring Fever.

Chef or cook?

I was just wondering: what is the difference between a chef and a cook? To me, a chef is someone who has had professional training and worked his/her way up through the ranks of a professional kitchen, from prep cook, to line cook and sous chef. Also, I think a chef is innovative, not just […]

Farmers Taking It Back

For years, as cities have spread out and suburbans absorbed and developed farm land, the country’s valuable food producing land has been shrinking. But with a stall in development of more suburbs, things are now going the other way. Here’s an interesting story from National Public Radio. NPR_farmerstakeback

Recipe Bi-Curious

It is about the decline of cooking prowess in the American South. We believe this decline can be seen all across the country.

Less Poultry Inspection? Really?

The new rules essentially move the inspectors to further down the production line.