Pantry Basics

I have always maintained that any well-stocked kitchen should have at least three kinds of salt, three kinds of oil and three kinds of vinegar.

Things To Remove From the Kitchen

There are things a kitchen can do without, like rarely used tools or appliances. What else needs to be removed from the kitchen?

Food Diplomacy

We know that food is important in any celebration or gathering. But can food lead to international peace and understanding?

Cooking Rice

Rice is one of the best staple foods we can eat. It is easy to digest, easy to cook, and gentle on your body’s systems.

Why White Rice, Wheat Flour?

Brown rice and whole wheat contain fat that can spoil in a relatively short amount of time.

Menudo Is In!

Menudo is made with tripe, or cow’s stomach lining. It’s usually a weekend and holiday dish and is sometimes touted as a hangover cure.

Food Prices May Get Even Higher

A few we ago, The Bachelor’s Kitchen warned you that food prices were going to go up significantly because of the midwest drought. Now one commentator is saying those earlier estimates may be far lower than what it really will be.

Warhol Soup Cans For You

Campbell’s Soup is releasing a limited edition series of cans dedicated to the famous pop artist Andy Warhol.

Things Your Kitchen Needs

One of the things we’ve noticed in cooking is that often we need the same equipment for more than one job when making a meal.

Happy Labor Day!

The Bachelor’s Kitchen want to hope you have a good day honoring our country’s workers. We know a lot of you will be celebrating with a season ending cookout or barbecue. Make it a good one. And tell us about your holiday by leaving a comment by the link below or on our Contact Us […]