Menudo Is In!

Chances are, most of you have never had Menudo. No, we’re not talking about the Puerto Rican boy band that spawned Ricky Martin. We’re talking about a common dish served in many parts of Latin America.

Menudo is in the news now.  Earlier this week at the Democratic National Convention, the mayor of San Antonio, Juan Castro, mentioned the traditional soup in his keynote address.

“As my grandmother got older, she begged my mother to give her grandchildren. She prayed to God for just one grandbaby before she died. You can imagine her excitement when she found out her prayers would be answered — twice over. She was so excited that the day before Joaquín and I were born she entered a menudo cook-off, and she won $300! That’s how she paid our hospital bill.”

Since then, this so-called “poor man’s soup” has been in the news and social media.

Menudo is made with tripe, or cow’s stomach lining. It’s usually a weekend and holiday dish and is sometimes touted as a hangover cure. It’s a simple soup made with hominy, onions, chilis, spices and cilantro. It takes a long time to cook because the texture of the tripe is tough. Most cooks and restaurants begin making it the night before and allow the tripe to simmer all night, adding the chilis and spices an hour or two before serving.

Since we in The Bachelor’s Kitchen haven not yet tried to make menudo, if you’d like to give it a shot, here’s a link to a recipe on to get you started. If you do make it, please drop us a comment or email (see the Contact Us page) and tell us how it came out.

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