Recipes: Sweet Potato Classic

It’s time to begin posting some of the Thanksgiving Day recipes we used.

What To Do With Leftovers

Some people say they don’t like leftovers. But we in The Bachelor’s Kitchen grew up with them and know they can be better than the original meal sometimes.

T-Day Minus 1, We Have Ignition

Ok, bachelors. If you haven’t finagled your way into someone’s dinner and you haven’t prepared your own Thanksgiving Day Feast, it’s too late. But what you can do is find a restaurant that has a Thanksgiving Day special. You might have to look hard, but there are always a few out there. But it all […]

Turning A Pale Turkey Into A Beautiful Bird

When it’s time to get the turkey into the oven for Thanksgiving, or any other holiday, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Thanksgiving Dinner: The Final Steps

As this is our final series of posts about making a big holiday dinner, it’s a good time to go over it all before we launch ourselves into the final topic.

More Thanksgiving Tips: Save Money, Too

If you’re hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars. You could also spend well under that if you plan ahead and shop frugally.

Holiday Entertaining: Wow ‘Em With Paté

Paté is basically some sort of chopped liver. The most famous version of this is froi gras, chopped liver of a goose or duck. But you can make your own simple paté right at home without the big expense.

Turkey Options: Outdoor Roasting and Frying

I know thousands of people successfully deep fry their Thanksgiving turkey without any problems. But I often think Thanksgiving is to cooking what New Year’s Eve is to drinking: amateur hour.

Cooking Vegetables: Green Beans

One of the most common green vegetables found on American tables are green beans. These come in a wide variety of types and an equally wide range of names.

Cooking Vegetables: Sweet Potatoes

Like its distant cousin, the white potato, the sweet potato originated in tropical South America and was first cultivated some 5,000 years ago.