Mise en place, a big help for quick cooking

Have you ever seen those cooking shows where all the chef’s ingredients are already measured out and sitting in small bowls or containers? That’s mise en place.

It’s Not Too Early To Think Of Holiday Food Gifts

Right now, fresh fruits and vegetables are at their peak. So, if you’re going to make a food gift, now’s the time to acquire and prepare your ingredients.

More Holiday Gift Ideas

If you think soup in a jar is a little hokey, how about homemade liqueurs? Nothing hokey about that.

Food Gift Ideas – Can It!

If money is a little tight this year and you want to give something more useful than socks, try making your own food gifts for this upcoming holiday season. Your love and friendship are immediately evident.

Better Breakfast Sandwiches

Eating breakfast helps kickstart your metabolism which helps you lose weight and improves your morning energy so you hit the ground running when you get to work.

Why Should You Learn To Cook?

Cooking at home can take a little time and a little planning. But the money saved and the health benefits will offset that investment in time.

Dumplings Are Forever… And Everywhere

If there’s one dish that you find all over the world, it’s dumplings. They’re found in so many cuisines, often with widely different fillings and styles.

Vegetable Bounty Makes Great Soups

With so many fresh vegetables coming to market in the fall harvest season, you’re going to need a good way to use them. One of the best ways is to make soup.

Make Your Own Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is a great substitute for water in making soups or cooking rice. It can even be eaten by itself as good old fashioned chicken soup.

Foods To Make You Feel Better

It’s hard not to feel like a failure when you look over the battlefield damage of empty cartons, dirty plates and pants that fit too tight.