Study Says Meatless Mondays Not Working

A new study shows the Meatless Monday idea might be fizzling out. It depends on who you ask.

After The Feast, Digestif

The European secret to surviving the feast is an after-dinner drink, called a digestif (pronounced die-jes-teef). These are liquors made to help settle an over-full tummy.

Even More Fish In The Sea

If you are willing to look at some ugly fish, you might discover a whole ocean of possibilities, most of them very sustainable.

It’s Turkey Time, But You Can Chicken Out

I won’t be cooking a turkey this year. Most likely, I’ll go with a chicken. But for those of you who will be doing a turkey, there are some things you might want to think about.

First, Choose Your Menu

If you’re planning on making a Thanksgiving dinner, whether for yourself, your family or friends, or for a special someone, the first thing you have to do is plan your dinner. That means making a menu

Have Your Burger and Slurp It, Too

“The wonderful thing about soup is that it’s easy to make, it tastes good and you can make a lot of it to last all week.” That was me talking to my friend the other night after we had a delicious dinner of soup and my homemade Southern style cornbread.

Gifts From The Heart, Not Wallet

Give food, grocery gift cards and even cash to your local food pantry to help those less fortunate than you. The need is higher this year than ever.