Too Many Rules, Not Enough Time

Angelou says we Americans rush around too much. The time spent cooking and eating good food should not be seen as unproductive, but rather a time to nourish more than our bodies.

Recipe: Quiche Lorraine

This open pie is made with bacon, onion and cheese. Real men do eat quiche. It can be as fancy or as hearty as you like.

Bachelor Tip: No Special Equipment

Don’t get me wrong, I think a food processor is a great invention. But not all kitchen have them. Not all bachelors can afford them.

Cooking Tip: Using Cooking Oil

Oil should always be added to a hot pan–never a cold one.

Strawberries: Can You Pick The Sweetest?

A sweet, fruity aroma is a much better indicator of what lies beneath the rosy exterior than the rosy exterior itself.

Vegetables For Breakfast

“So I decided it was acceptable for me to incorporate vegetables into my breakfast. I could bake an egg in a tomato shell instead of a ramekin, or top my bagel and cream cheese with roasted eggplant, onion and bell peppers or avocado and tomato. Oh, the possibilities.”

Help set a new record just by cooking

Chef Jamie Oliver is continuing his food revolution by getting people in America to cook and eat healthy. Now he’s out to set a world record.

Pantry Basics: Spices

In looking in my cupboard, I picked out four spices I felt I could not do without. Those will make up my pantry basics must have list.

Courage of Convictions

You cannot be afraid to make a few mistakes in the kitchen.

Things We Can Learn From Our Grandparents

Eating on the cheap is usually important for bachelors. These days, it’s more important for everyone.