Kitchen Intermediates: Saucepans

In addition to the medium-large saucepan, I recommend having at least one other size. A small saucepan, about one to one-and-a-half quart size, is very useful.

Kitchen Intermediates: Casserole Dish

Along side your baking dish and your dutch oven, a casserole is a good addition for your oven cookware.

A New Solution to Processed Food Safety

The food products company Cargill has a solution for its line of fresh ground beef patties used in food service businesses. The company uses High Pressure Processing (HPP) to keep the bad bugs away.

We’ll Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Posts Shortly

Just wanted to step in here and say we at The Bachelor’s Kitchen have been very busy lately. We won’t go into all the things that have been happening. But we want you to know we will be continuing our posts here very soon. Thanks for sticking with us.