Build a Better Cheeseburger, Make Soup

This soup is rich, with lots of vegetables and cheese.

Still Plenty Of Fresh Food In Colder Weather

As the weather gets colder, the bounty of summer will begin disappearing from the markets. Soon we’ll be seeing more produce from South America. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy local produce for a few more months.

Don’t Waste Food, Make New Eats

Times are hard for most of us. That means we have to be smarter about our food. It’s not only important for our wallets, but for our planet as well.

Base Menus On Grocery Sale Items

I don’t know of any grocery store, no matter the size, independent or chain, that doesn’t publish in some way a flier of their sale items that week. No matter how this information is available, it’s worth the effort to find them and use them to make your grocery list.

Keep A Healthy, Affordable Pantry

Many people think eating healthy means spending more money. But that doesn’t have to be true. You can stock some very affordable items in your pantry without turning to cheap processed food.

Vegetable Cooking: Carrots

One of the easiest to like vegetables is the carrot. It’s high in sugar, so it’s sweeter than lots of other vegetables. Many people like to eat carrot raw. If you’re cooking them, there are lots of options.

Cooking Vegetables: Cauliflower

The name for this vegetable means cabbage flower. That gives you a good idea of what family it belongs to.

Vegetable Cooking: Corn

Most corn is grown in the United States. It’s our biggest crop. But it’s also grown around the world.