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I know a lot of you haven’t been reading The Bachelor’s Kitchen for very long. Some of you have been with us since the beginning. If you fall into the latter category, you can skip this post. But if not, we’re going to be re-running some of our early posts from time to time to catch you up. The following is our very first post. 

Welcome to The Bachelor Kitchen, A Singles Guide to Eating Better

I’m a lifelong bachelor. Never married. I went through the usual bachelor eating behaviors. Fast food. Drive Throughs. Frozen Dinners. Pizza Delivery. Take-out Chinese. My waistline and my health were major casualties of this behavior.

I liked cooking, but hated cleaning. I always felt like there just wasn’t enough time. And who wanted to deal with the mess of pots and pans at the end?

After I got better at tackling that cleaning issue and found myself with more time, I decided to start cooking more. At least once a week I would try to make a decent meal for myself. I started looking for cookbooks and recipes to make. As I looked at the many cooking websites, I began to see a pattern. There were so many comments like, “My kids loved it,” “My husband and I liked it, but the kids wouldn’t eat it,” “Kids will eat anything with cheese sauce,” “A good way to get vegetables into the kids.”

Now don’t get the wrong idea. I like kids. But there needs to be a place for just-adults cooking, too. A little searching revealed there are some websites with some information about cooking for singles. These have lots of wonderful advice. But I think we can do better and take cooking for singles to a new level.

So this blog is about cooking for the single man or woman. It’s about strategies, techniques and tips. It’s about getting away from pizza delivery and fast-food. It’s about making nutritious, economical, good food without spending hours in the kitchen.

Along the way, we’ll talk about coping with the small kitchen found in most bachelor apartments. We’ll also talk about food shopping and menu planning for special dietary needs. We’ll discuss cookware do’s and don’ts. We’ll learn about food, where it comes from and what to do with it. We want to help bachelors and bachelorettes think differently about their food.

Your comments are welcome. I want to hear about your own adventures in cooking for one, the lessons you have learned about trying to get away from fast food. Also, if you have questions or are facing a particular issue, let’s hear about that. Maybe we can help.


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