That Was A Long Break

We have been away for several months now. Well, not really away. Just busy. But we want to assure you The Bachelor’s Kitchen has not burned down or closed or anything like that. We have, however, been involved in other things for a while. We really want to get back to delivering to you regular quality posts about cooking and food.

One of the projects we’ve been working on is beefing up our Facebook page (see the column on the right for the latest). There you will find plenty of postings about food contamination and recalls, about cooking and its health benefits, as well as interesting bits and, of course, reposts of our content here on our website.

While we work to get this blog back on track, we encourage you to check out our Facebook page. Also, we have an email feed which you can sign up for in the right-hand column. That way you will never miss a post. We are working to beef that up, too.

In addition, we have a feed on Twitter. That has also been inactive for a while. That will be harder to keep up but we are determined to try.

We thank you if you are still around and hope you will find this blog useful and worth your time.

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