Banning Trans Fats: Good Idea Or Too Much?

If you don’t think the food industry has an influence over politics, you’re kidding yourself. Here’s a case in point.

The Illinois House of Representatives had passed a bill, as part of a health measure, to ban trans fats in restaurant food and vending machine goods. However, restaurant owners, bakers and junk food makers formed what one legislator called the “donut caucus.” They fought back.

So, when the bill came up in the state Senate, lawmakers proclaimed their love of cream-filled chocolate cookies and the fried dough we all know as Oreos and donuts. The bill failed to pass. Food makers and servers said the proposal, which would have removed trans fat from menus by 2013, would be bad during a down economy. One state senator said he not only liked donuts, but did not want Illinois to become a “Nanny” state.

What do you think? Is this kind of food regulation too much even though the substance has demonstrated negative health effects? Or do you think every effort to improve our health should be pursued? Or are there other alternatives. Please leave us your comments.