Can Carrots Replace Junk Food?

We are becoming more aware of the link between food and health. We are starting to pay attention to where our food comes from and who’s making it. There has been an explosion in farmers markets and locally grown food. These are all great advances for our society which continue even during these tough times.

This story begins a few years ago when a carrot farmer didn’t like all the waste in supermarket carrot sales. He created Baby Carrotsbaby-carrots, those little rounded carrot pieces in the plastic bag, washed and ready to eat. It was a hit.

When the economy crashed, baby carrot sales declined. A lot. So, the people at the biggest carrot grower in the country, Boltwood Farms, began looking for ways to boost sales. And, of course, in this consumer society, the answer was found in marketing.

Boltwood called on many advertising agencies to come up with campaigns to promote baby carrots. And what they came up with were ways to promote baby carrots as a replacement for junk food. But one agency had a different idea. Crispin, Porter + Boguski presented a campaign that sold baby carrots AS junk food. They developed colorful, single serving packaging that looked like potato chip bags. They scrapped the bunny image for a pterodactyl. They storyboarded a series of fun commercials spoofing popular junk food ads. They linked the orange carrots with Snooki from Jersey Shore. They used a sultry model sensuously running a baby carrot around her lips while a voice talked about ‘indulgence.” Another ad featured a teenager engaged in extreme sports with baby carrots in his hand.

Crispin won the day, so expect to see baby carrots sold as junk food showing up on your television and in your grocery store. Maybe this could start a whole new trend in marketing healthy food.