We’re back!

Anyway, we’re glad to be back on line and hope you didn’t miss us too much.

Recipe Catch-Up

We’ll try to get caught up on some of the new dishes we’ve been creating as well as revisiting some of the classics as part of our “Get Ready For Thanksgiving” series of posts.

And We’re Back

Our computer problems here in The Bachelor’s Kitchen finally have been resolved (with a new, used model).

Where did time go?

There are plenty of recipes waiting to be posted and lots of news to discuss. Let’s just call this little episode a case of Spring Fever.

Somedays the Bear Eats You

We just wanted you regular readers of The Bachelor’s Kitchen to know we haven’t forgotten you. We have been unexpectedly busy lately and then bugged. There’s some nasty little varmint running around making people sick. The bodies were piling up fast. But with the beautiful Spring weather, we’ve got the bugs on the run and […]

Plan now for Spring Cleaning

From time to time we like to let you know what the advertisers on The Bachelor’s Kitchen are offering that might be of interest. Here’s a nice spring idea. Shop Get Organized has just introduced over 35 new products. Go to ShopGetOrganized.com today to find new items like the 3 Bottle Chrome Wine Rack, priced at $19.98, […]

Catching up

We’ll be having a lot of recipe postings coming up as we try to bring the blog up to date to our time in The Bachelor’s Kitchen.

The Kitchen Is On The Move

I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I have been by the regular readers of The Bachelor’s Kitchen. I appreciate your interest and support. You’ve given me lots of help in coming up with ideas and learning about food. Because of reasons beyond our control, The Bachelor’s Kitchen is moving to a new physical […]

Interent, schminternet

Our internet connection went down this last week, preventing us from updating the blog and adding new posts. Also, we have been busy away from the kitchen a lot lately. So, I hope you will bear with us for a couple weeks. Meanwhile, we hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday and feast. Now that […]

A New Collection Of Kitchen Appliances

Just in time for the holiday gift giving season, our friends at Krups, those great coffeemaker people, have come up with something new.