Thanks for all the fish…

We just wanted loyal readers to know we are still here and will return to our usual schedule of posts very soon. So, keep coming back and see what’s new. OR… Better yet, use the handy subscription form in the right column to get a regular delivery of Hot Stuff, with the latest postings in […]

Summer produce At Its Peak

Corn, tomatoes and zucchini are especially good this time of year.

We’ll Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Posts Shortly

Just wanted to step in here and say we at The Bachelor’s Kitchen have been very busy lately. We won’t go into all the things that have been happening. But we want you to know we will be continuing our posts here very soon. Thanks for sticking with us.

Thanks For Staying With Us

We have been on hiatus for a bit to take care of some family matters. But things are settling back into a more normal routine now. We want to thank you for sticking around, or coming back. We understand how frustrating it can be when a blog comes and goes. But we’re trying very hard […]

The Kitchen is on Twitter

The Bachelor’s Kitchen is now on Twitter, all by itself. Follow @BachelorKitchn for the latest food news and information. There’s lots of recipes and other things, but links to our latest posts. Check us out today!

T-Day Minus 1, We Have Ignition

Ok, bachelors. If you haven’t finagled your way into someone’s dinner and you haven’t prepared your own Thanksgiving Day Feast, it’s too late. But what you can do is find a restaurant that has a Thanksgiving Day special. You might have to look hard, but there are always a few out there. But it all […]

Hail The Great Pumpkin (Bread)

It’s pumpkin season, so why not make this delicious treat.

Happy Independence Day

The Bachelor’s Kitchen wants to wish you all a happy Fourth of July. Enjoy a feast and stay cool.

It’s That Time Again

Believe it or not, the holiday gift-giving season is coming. You’ll be seeing plenty of special offers from our advertisers. Well, here’s a good one. Dale and Thomas Gourmet Popcorn is gearing up for the season with all kinds of great gift ideas. Please click on the ad in the right column and check them […]

Ground Turkey Health Alert

We interrupts our regularly scheduled post for a health alert from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The USDA is urging all consumer to carefully follow all handling guidelines for frozen or fresh ground turkey. While no recalls or specific brands have been mentioned, 77 people in 26 states have been affected by Salmonella poisoning from […]