Cooking Is Healthy

It will surprise no one that studies have shown over and over that cooking your meals at home leads to improvements in your health. In The Bachelor’s Kitchen we have often said that even if what you cook at home isn’t the healthiest food, it’s still better than anything you can get outside the home, in most cases. Even when restaurants offer healthier options, you are still better off cooking and eating at home.

That idea is what this blog is all about — getting bachelors and other singles to eat better, because they deserve good food as much as families do.

Research has shown then people who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier and with fewer calories. People in the study ate less even if they were not trying to lose weight. Even when eating out, these people still ate less.

The obvious lesson from all this is, the more you cook at home, the better your health. Sounds to us like a great trade-off, even if you have a very busy life.