Eat Less Meat, Lose Weight

Time and again, readers of The Bachelor’s Kitchen know, we have talked about eating less meat. We’re not advocating we give up meat all together, just that we eat a little less. We should do as the Chinese do and make meat more of a flavoring to a dish of vegetables and rice than the typical American diet of meat and potatoes.

A new study from Europe seems to be bearing this idea out.

Researchers from Imperial College London found that avid meat eaters gained more weight over 5 years than those who ate less meat but the same amount of calories.

This confirms not just what we have said about eating meat, but what we have said about the type of calories making a big difference. Losing weight is very hard, but for a long time we’ve believed that it was just a matter of eating less. Now we’re starting to learn it’s about what you eat as well.