Eat More, Lose More, Weigh Less

Does that title sound like a scam? A come-on? A sleazy, fly-by-night infomercial? Well, it’s not.

The answer to our quiz is:


Assortment of High Fiber FoodsYes, fiber. It can make a huge difference in how much you eat, how your body digests it, how much insulin your body needs, your blood sugar, your blood pressure and the function of your lower digestive tract.

And it’s easy to do:

Flax. Get these are health food stores or through the Internet. Use it in salads, topping pasta, vegetables, bread and more. Also, these are high in beneficial nutrients.

Beans and Vegetables. The great thing about eating more vegetables is that you can eat a lot more food. A whole plate of steamed or stir-fried vegetables are way less fat and calories than a single hamburger. Beans are high in fiber and protein.

Fruit. Low sugar fruits not only have lots of fiber, but other nutrients your body needs. They can also tackle that sweet tooth.

Build up. Don’t jump into a high fiber diet right away. Ease into it. Otherwise, no one will want to be around you because all that fiber before your body is ready for it results in gas.

Nuts. A handful or two a day adds lots of good stuff, but not a lot of saturated fat. But use real nuts, not peanuts.