Even Famous Chefs Can Make Bad Food

Most of you know I really admire chef Jaime Oliver for his efforts to get us Yanks, especially the children, to eat better. He wants schools to do away with processed and junk food and serve healthy, tasty, real meals. You may have even seen his show, Food Revolution. But even Oliver can get things wrong.

Once it was pointed out to me, I realized it was true — Oliver never talks about proper food temperatures and food handling safety. I’ve never seen him use a thermometer on his food. Maybe he should invest in one and keep it on him at all times.

Oliver is in trouble with the health authorities back in his native Britain. Health inspectors have cited Oliver’s chain of Italian restaurants for serving undercooked food, leading many customers and staff to get sick from e. coli bacteria contamination. E. coli can be effectively killed by cooking food to at least 160ºF, which means rare burgers are puke waiting to happen.

Doug Powell of Kansas State University, a food safety expert, told Food Safety News:

“Thermometers would be a useful kitchen addition. Oliver doesn’t talk about thermometers on TV,” he added.

This should be a lesson to all of us. He’s right, Oliver doesn’t talk about food temperatures. A thermometer in the kitchen can no longer be an optional item. While you might get away with that medium rare steak (because it’s usually the outside of such cuts that carry dangerous bacteria), ground meat has too much potential for contamination. Make sure you have a thermometer, even a cheap one, handy in The Bachelor’s Kitchen.