Food Is Medicine

The idea that food is medicine is not new. Asian societies have long used food, herbs, teas and natural ingredients to help cure and prevent illness. Now a clinic in Texas has begun applying that philosophy to its patients, who come from poverty stricken communities.

The People’s Community Clinic in Austin, Texas, is taking part in a pilot program providing a group of 30 pregnant women with produce prescriptions.

The FVRx produce prescriptions, as they are known, have been around for about a year in several clinics around the country. They entitle each user to a $1 per day subsidies on fresh fruits or vegetables, most often at farmers’ markets.

The 30 women at the clinic, which serves 11,000 low-income patients, are also receiving cooking classes that encourage them to actually use the produce they buy.

Officials hope the program will encourage the women to continue to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables after their pregnancy.