Food World Mourns Steve Jobs

There have been so many tributes to the genius of Apple Computer’s co-founder, Steve Jobs. Few people get such glowing remembrances from all around the world and from all sorts of industries. Even the world of food is honoring this innovator. We’ll have a list of some of the tributes in the food world further in this post.

You might think that the biggest contribution Jobs made to food was the invention of various apps for the iPhone. But Steve had an interesting relationship with food that had little to do with technology. Here are some of the facts gathered by Janice of the Gigabiting food blog.

Quick food facts about Steve Jobs:

  • He was a vegan since his college days, although he did eat sushi.
  • He briefly dabbled in fruitarianism (yes, an all-apple diet).
  • He often did his own grocery shopping at the Palo Alto Whole Foods.
  • He was partial to raw foods.
  • He frequently fasted, believing that digestion was burning up energy that could be better spent on work.
  • In his role as Pixar CEO, he convinced Disney to drop its McDonald’s Happy Meal toy tie-ins.
  • Earlier this year, he was ranked #5 on a list of the 50 most powerful people in food.

I know my life has been influenced by Jobs and his Apple products. I’ve been using Macs for years because it’s just better technology. The Bachelor’s Kitchen is written on a Macbook. I am truly an Apple kind of guy, even going as far as having a body shaped rather like a nice fat Macintosh.

And the tributes keep coming. Janice also gives us a list, with links, to some of the food-related observations of Jobs’ life and death.

  • Restaurant Management Magazine looks at the transformative potential of the iPad for the restaurant industry.
  • Restaurant marketing site Restaurant Commando tells of the lessons learned from Steve Jobs’ marketing of the iPod.
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals thanks Steve Jobs for his role as one of the world’s most prominent advocates for vegetarianism.
  • Fast Casual shares ten lessons the restaurant industry can learn from Steve Jobs.
  • The Food Watchdog looks at the legacy of food apps.
  • Food Network Musings describes Steve Jobs’ influence on the home cook in everything from from recipe gathering to how we make shopping  lists.
  • The Daily Weston recognizes the range of Steve Jobs’ food-related contributions from party evites to Yelp reviews.
  • Serious Eats asks you to share your own thoughts, remembrances, and thanks in response to the question: “How did Steve Jobs change Food/Cooking?”

If you have any links or stories to share, feel free to leave a comment.