Kudos for Artichoke Farfalle

Sometimes we just can’t resist taking a bow when it’s due.

If you haven’t check out some of the recipes here on The Bachelor’s Kitchen, please do. One recent entry is receiving high praise on another website. We couldn’t resist sharing them.

These are recent reviews for our Farfalle Pasta with Artichoke Hearts from Allrecipes.com.

From 3boysnagirl in South Bend, Indiana, five stars:

“Pretty much just followed the recipe as is, though I did add some grilled chicken (which I marinated in the juice from the artichokes). And I used pecorino romano cheese instead of parmesan because that’s what I had on hand! Really good and even my very picky-eater kid like it!”

From Marianne, five stars:

“The only thing I did different was to use fusilli rather than farfalle because that is what I had on hand and needed to use up (sorry!). This was very tasty. I think that the next time I will grind some of the walnuts fine and then leave some chopped. I highly recommend using freshly grated pecorino romano cheese. This was pretty much cool by the time I served it, and all I know is that hubby wanted more—-a sure sign of a keeper in this household. Thanks so much for this recipe!”

From Dogrescue, four stars:

“Yum, James. 🙂 Good recipe with minimal changes. Instead of draining the marinated artichoke hearts liquid, I used it all up in addition to the evoo. I had a bunch of grape tomatoes, so I cut them all in half, rubbed with a wee bit of evoo, sprinkled a bit of salt on them and roasted them for a few minutes. It really brought a nice sweetness with their natural sugars. I also chopped some Kalamata olives which bring that great savory/salty bite. This was really good James!”

Kind of makes you want to try it, doesn’t it? Well, go ahead and click on the link above or go to our Recipes page and check out that and other good recipes.