Maybe They Are Getting It

If you’re a regular visitor to this blob, you know there are some points I keep making again and again.
1. The way we eat is a big part of why we’re sick.
2. We eat poorly because we have been brainwashed into accepting process, convenience and fast foods.
3. Agribusiness companies that produce the processed and fast foods control the US Department of Agriculture, which is in charge of most of our food supply.
4. USDA policies  are putting small farmers out of business and promoting those bad-for-you process foods.
5. We are disconnected from our food, not knowing what’s in it or where it comes from.

Well, we have a story on our News Page today from National Public Radio (NPR) that indicates change may be in the wind. It may be that the USDA is changing its ways and seeing the value of small producers of local food.  Guy Raz reports that a new farmers market has sprung up near the White House that not only features locally grown food, but takes food stamps, allowing more poor people access to fresh, local food.

But the White House farmers market and a handful of others around the country are part of a pilot project. This market accepts food stamps — and those stamps are worth twice as much here as they would be elsewhere.

Since the USDA administers the food stamp program, this idea is their baby. It’s called Know Your Food, Know Your Farmer.  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says:

“There is, I think, a movement in the country where people are very interested in knowing where their food comes from,” he says. “As we focus on health care, and as the health care debate focuses more specifically on prevention and wellness, people are going to be exceedingly interested in fresh food and food that’s nutritious.”

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