Meal-kit deliveries: As easy as cooking gets?

There are many strategies available for finding the time to cook. And having a strategy is important for more than just bachelors. None of us seem to have enough time.

fooddinnerdeliverythadThat doesn’t mean you have to resort to pizza deliveries and fast food. How about a nice home-cooked meal you make yourself? Of course that sounds better, but how do you get around the time issue?

A big part of the problem is the time it takes to prepare for the cooking. Washing, cutting, peeling and chopping.

Now the answer is only a mouse-click away. Several new cyber-sous chef services are helping home cooks with all those tedious first steps and lets them get straight to the fun of cooking. They do the shopping, sorting, washing and preparing. Then all those ready-to-go ingredients and then delivered right to a customer’s door.

One, the Blue Apron in New York, was born out the busy lives of the companies founders, according to CEO Matt Salzberg.

“Our customers love sitting back and letting us do the grocery shopping for them. They know they’re going to get home and there’s going to be everything they need to create a fresh, delicious meal.”

Some call these new services “Meal Kit” businesses. They are appealing to gourmets with locally sourced produce, upscale recipes and hard-to-find ingredients. Another New York-based company, Plated, promises premium dishes. Others offer customized weekly menus or the ability to create restaurant dishes at home.

The food industry consulting firm Technomic predicts that meal-kit services like these could become a $3 billion to $5 billion segment of the food industry during the next 10 years.