Men: Cooking To Be Happy

I’m not the only guy who likes to cook at home. In fact, there’s a growing trend of not just bachelors doing more cooking, but working dads as well. And according to a new book on the market, they do it just for pleasure, because they like it and because it impresses the ladies, even wives. In fact, dads now account for nearly one-third of the time the family spends cooking, up from five-percent in the 1960’s.

John Donohue, of the New Yorker, has a new book which profiles dozens of men at home in the kitchen and loving it. Man With A Pan (Algonquin Books) features both famous dads like Mario Batali and Steven King, and everyday family men. These guys give us lots of tips and recipes for the busy dad putting food on the table, literally, for their families.

Two things are apparent in the book:

1) American families are changing and
2) Men should not be embarrassed to admit they like to cook.

Donohue offers a refuge to dads in the kitchen at his blog, Stay at Stove Dad, with lots of cooking stories that any man could love.