More Kitchen Storage Easier Than You Think

Most of us have little choice over the cabinets in our kitchens, especially if you rent. Even if you don’t, changing the kitchen cabinets can be expensive. But fixed kitchen cabinets are an American kitchen idea. In europe, cabinets are usually part of the furniture and travel with the owner along with the couch, table and chairs.

Recently I heard an idea that I think can apply to many bachelor kitchens. Most bachelor’s live in small apartments with small kitchens. In these case, you might think there’s not much your do. But a cabinet is basically a box with one side made of a hinged door.¬†For a “do-it-yourself” project, you can make a free-standing cabinet and place it almost anywhere. Who says all your pots and canned goods have to be stored in the kitchen? If you have a small apartment, it might make a lot of sense to have some storage outside the kitchen. And they can be used for storing things other than kitchen items. You put castors on the bottom and have movable cabinets. You can make them look like a part of the decor. There are so many possibilities if you just think “outside the cabinet.”

If you own your home, a big change can be achieved but just changing the cabinet doors. These can be finished and painted in any number of ways giving your kitchen a new look. Throw in one of these home-made free-standing cabinets, and you can have a kitchen that looks new without spending lots of money.