My Plate Michelle’s Plate

The First Lady of the United States has adopted the new eating guidelines from the government. You may recall we discussed this change when it occurred. Read the article here.

The U. S. Department of Agriculture has changed it’s diet guidelines from the food pyramid to myplate_blueMy Plate, a stylized drawing of a plat showing the relative proportions of different kinds of food you should be eating at every meal. The ratios point to less meat and more fruits and vegetables.

Michelle Obama has launched a new program to help deal with Ameria’s oversized waistline. It’s called the My Plate Recipes Partnership. The program draws together several publishers, including digital, to make available recipes to help people eat according to the USDA guidelines. Eighteen publishers, like Eating Well magazine, are putting these ideas on their websites, available for download. There’s also a Pinterest page with links available.

The program is in addition to her Get Moving campaign to fight childhood obesity. We hope you’ll take advantage of these resources to create a healthier you this year.