New Year, Same Old Food Recalls

It’s a new year. You would think after all the bad publicity last year of food recalls that the industry would be doing more to counter that bad news. But I guess not.

We begin this new year with more news of food recalls. Because there are so many, I’m just highlighting the main ones which are most likely to affect the readers of The Bachelor’s Kitchen. Sometimes no news really is good news.

In today’s update, we hear about the expanding recall of Wisconsin cheeses due to Listeria monocytogenes. These microscopic critters can make you very sick, maybe even kill some. And this one is not from some small manufacturer, it’s from a major company that is facing a serious problem.

“Alpine Slicing and Cheese Conversion Co. said it has ceased production and distribution of cheese as it works with the FDA to investigate the source of contamination. The company said all remaining inventory has been quarantined.”

That the word from Food Safety News. Consumers are being urged to return any affected cheese to the stores they bought them from. The list of affected cheese brands and styles is very long. To read the full list, go here.

These recalls of common foods are a real problem. No one seems to have any answers. But the more the pressure increases the more likely it is a solution will be found.